Mike Klaw Summer release announcement

Chilea" The 2020 summer song

DJ and Music Producer Mike Klaw announces the release of his new single Featuring Criss Marron and Kamero, two artists from the American Spanish music scene. The song is entitled “CHILEA” which means chill, fun in English. 

From what the DJ and Music Producer « Mike Klaw » told us … The single was produced and recorded by him and his team at the famous recording studio  “No Mistory” in Manhattan (New York ) last year. 

His single “CHILEA” will be the first Single to be officially released under the American label “YLS MUSIC GROUP”, music label in which he has been signed since the end of 2019. 

CHILEA is scheduled for JULY 24 on all music streaming platforms and promises to be very dancing and a very summertime vibe.

Stay ready for CHILEA

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