Mike Klaw First Instagram Livestream party

For the first time

DJ and producer Mike Klaw will have his very first Livestream show exclusively on Instagram on Wednesday, January 27, 2021.

a very nice way to start this new year 2021 The covid 19 is still present unfortunately the artists cannot perform in concert as before the pandemic is still present. 

Therefore, Musician artist’s have to find other alternatives in order to continue doing live their job and also continue to share with the fans strong and unique moments in music. 

We decided to set up this Instagram live event to keep the music connexion with the fans. The event will take place on the official Instagram page of The artist DJ MIKE KLAW. We also invited some great talented artists to perform in order to also share their music with the public.

 Many gifts will also be distributed to the fans. This event is the very first edition and we hope to do more in the future…

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