London based DJ MIKE KLAW is a DJ, Producer, born on May 5, 1989, in French Guiana.

Since very young, at the age of 6 years he has trained in the musical environment thanks to his big brother who teaches him the basics of the piano. This instrument quickly became his fetish toy. He perfected himself by reproducing on the piano titles of artists known worldwide.

A talent he will feed later when he discovered the world of Djing and Clubbing (from 2006). He develops a perfect musical ear with a desire and a motivation to progress continuously.

His desire to progress, to always perfect his art allows him to establish his charisma in this new environment. The work and motivation, allow him to meet all the criteria of a powerful and effective DJ who knows how to adapt to his audience.
From his beginnings, he is quickly spotted, and it is in clubs that he takes his first steps. He becomes resident Dj for DO nightclub during a year.

Eager to conquer and promote his art to a wider audience, he decided to go on a tour in several big clubs throughout France to achieve his goal to be a renowned Dj.
His precise and efficient technique coupled with his sense of Clubbing, helped him to quickly make his name in the biggest clubs in France such as DO NightClub (Grenoble), Le Mojito (Nantes), le NH (Lyon), l’Opera (Bordeaux), Le Magnum (Paris) and many others etc…
His openness to all musical Styles like Hip Hop, RnB, Pop, Dance Hall etc… makes him a good and flawless weapon in Clubbing Nights.

From 2008 to 2009, Dj Mike Klaw is resident DJ in several big clubs in Grenoble (Drac Ouest CluB, System Club, Club la Choue, club la favela and many others).
Quickly spotted for his charisma and originality in the animation, he becomes indispensable in the Rhone Alpes region multiplying the shows and attracting thousands of people every weekend.
From 2009 to 2011, he went on a tour in several clubs throughout France (Le black & white, Club 25, Kao Suay, the official Club and more …)
He becomes a rising star in the world of music thanks to his technique and his openness to all types of audiences.

With his success in Provence, in 2011, he decided to move to Paris to continue his rise and become known by the great Parisian audience.
However, having seen the intensity of competition in Paris, DJ Mike Klaw decided to innovate to bring a new rope to his bow. He started producing. This new idea is accompanied by a change of image and blaze. He goes from Dj Mike Kila, a street-sounding name to Dj Mike Klaw a much more commercial and timeless name.
This change was realized by his first single: “BEST THING”

Finally, he decided to move to London in England. He lives there now.

When he arrived in London in 2014, he became resident DJ at Storm Nightclub (Leicester square) and N.7 NightClub (Piccadilly circus) where he continues to demonstrate his ability to fill the clubs during his performances.

With production, in 2016, he released SHAKE IT with vocal samples.
In 2017, Dj Mike Klaw meets the singer BOGOMIL in London and releases his single “Making Memories” under the LABEL Siki Records MUSIC (the independent reference label). The title is placed among the top hit in England and gradually acquires a success on YouTube.

Starting from nothing, just by training and sacrifice, DJ Mike Klaw has established himself as a spokesperson for a generation.
He always manages to surprise his audience and to make impressions with his talent, energy and musical diversity!